What You Need to Negotiate a Fantastic Book Deal

My New eBook Details 6 Factors to Consider When Your Book Goes from Dream to Deal

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to write a book. What would you do if a publisher made you an offer today? What if a deal was waiting in your inbox right now?

The truth is you’ll probably have an agent who can help walk you through all the fine points. But with or without an agent, every author should know the broad strokes of a book deal—what’s usually negotiable, what’s not, what to avoid, and what to celebrate.

There are a lot of details to know: rights, subrights, obligations, determinations, and so on. To help demystify the process, I’ve written a quick-and-easy ebook that breaks it all down to just six key factors.

Will you be ready when your book goes from dream to deal? Register for my Get Published Training Course before tonight at 11:59 p.m. Pacific and get instant access to my new ebook, 6 Factors That Make a Fantastic Book Deal: Key Considerations for Negotiating Your Contract with Confidence.

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I have not only signed several book deals of my own, but as a publisher and the former CEO of a major publisher, I have overseen literally thousands of book contracts.

We all know the best deal is win-win. But publishers are going to protect their investment. They’re also going to draft the initial contract. And that means you or your agent have some negotiating to do if you want a fantastic book deal. So what should you watch out for?

In this new ebook, you’ll learn learn:

  • What rights you should hold onto, what rights you should offer the publisher, and why.
  • The way book advances work, why you shouldn’t always take the biggest deal, and the simplest way to understand your book royalties.
  • Who gets the last word on cover design, book format, price, layout, and more.
  • Why faster isn’t always better when it comes to setting your manuscript due date.
  • What you need to know about getting out of your publishing deal if you need to.

6 Factors That Make a Fantastic Book Deal walks you through the primary considerations of any book deal so you can be informed, equipped, and ready to make the best deal possible for your book.

How do you get it? By signing up for my Get Published Training Course before midnight, tonight. This twenty-one lesson course offers a thorough treatment of everything you need to know about the publishing process, from book proposal to book publicity and all points in between.

Get Published features market-tested principles, processes, and practical action plans to take your from the book idea you have now to a contract in hand.

In this training course, you’ll discover:

  • The essential mindset for publishing success, plus the six simple steps you can take to develop starting today.
  • Exactly what happens inside publishing houses—and how you might be unknowingly sabotaging you chance of success right now.
  • The critical actions you need to take to grow your tribe and expand your reach—before and after your book releases.
  • A battle-tested method to stop spinning your wheels and write your book in record time.
  • How to use your book as a lead generator for a larger business, ministry, or movement.
  • And much, much more.

My Get Published Training Course moves beyond ideas of what might work and teaches you precisely what does work—and how to make it work for you.

The course is only available for the next few days, but you get lifetime access so you can work at your own pace and reference it for future publishing projects. It also comes with a thirty-day money-back guarantee, so there’s absolutely no risk.

But to get 6 Factors That Make a Fantastic Book Deal you need to move now. It goes away after midnight tonight.

Register today for my Get Published Training Course and take your book from dream to deal. Buy today before 11:59 p.m. Pacific and get instant access to 6 Factors That Make a Fantastic Book Deal. Registration is open right now, but it closes soon. Don’t miss this opportunity to finally get published!

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Do you know what you need to navigate and negotiate a book deal?

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