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I have written previously about how to go further, faster. One of the best ways is to hire a personal coach. I have used coaches for more than a decade. I credit much of my success to this strategy.

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The problem is coaches can be expensive—especially for those in ministry. That's why I am especially excited about Ministry Coaching International (MCI). It was started by my good friends at Building Champions, the coaching company I use and recommend. MCI has the same philosophy as Building Champions, but it is specifically focused on—and priced for—ministry professionals.

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Dick Savidge, the president of MCI. Please note that this is not a sponsored post. I simply believe in this ministry and wanted to make you aware of it. My questions below are in bold.

Q: What is personal coaching?

Coaching is a one-on-one relationship that focuses on life and leadership transformation. While it often includes counseling, mentoring, and spiritual direction, coaching has a great emphasis on whole life integration and growth. MCI coaches apply a systematic approach in helping a ministry leader develop in the key aspects of life. The pursuit of increasing excellence and sharpening is always in concert with the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Q: How did you get involved in coaching, Dick?

I got involved in coaching after a friend recommended that I experience coaching as a way to sharpen my skills when working with leaders. Being a life and leadership coach is a logical conclusion to a career that has included family therapist, pastor, and spiritual director.

Q: What is MCI and what makes it unique?

Ministry Coaching is a team of seasoned ministry veterans who have one goal: to help leaders multiply their impact, live well, and finish with excellence. We seek to empower the leader to embrace his or her calling and focus on four essential areas of life and leadership. Our distinctive is our dual commitment to systematic growth and spirit-led experiences.

Q: What are the “core four” and how do they apply in a ministry context?

The core-four are MCI’s foundational pillars for personal and professional growth. First is a life plan. Here an individual deals with who they are and who God is calling them to be and what He is calling them to do. Second is ministry vision. Here an individual deals with where they are going and where their organization is going. Clear vision is the first step toward focused strategy. Third is ministry plan. This involves developing the strategic steps that need to be taken to realize the vision. And four, priority management involves the execution of the plan. This is all about the stewardship of time, energy and gifts. It is about making it happen.

Q: What is the single most important reason a person should be coached?

The greatest reason a person should be coached is so they can maximize their God-given potential. To live, to lead, and to finish well is the essence of being a good steward.

Q: What is the problem that MCI is striving to solve?

Many ministry leaders are being held back from living out their true, God-given potential. We exist to help the leader maximize their potential as they live a balanced life and therefore, avoid the lonely road to burn out.

Q: Assume I want to be a client, how does coaching with MCI work?

First, you will meet with your prospective coach and share expectations and objectives. You will explore potential game plans, as you start to develop chemistry and trust. As this develops you will commit to twenty-four biweekly coaching sessions. During these sessions you will experience the power of the Holy Spirit’s working through your coach to help you achieve all God has for you.

Q: Can you give me an example or two of real results?

Sure. Mike was a pastor, who lived a lonely corner office existence. He discovered that his “high trust” team was anything but. He was devastated when he found out. However, through coaching he made the personal and organizational changes that he needed to make. Today, he has a genuine high-trust team. Jim is another one. He had no real understanding of health and balance. His life was out of control as he tried to be all things to all people. With our coaching, he started to understand that the need is not the call. He learned how to say “no,” so he could unequivocally say yes to the things that matter most.

Q: What kind of person makes the best client?

The best client is a full-time ministry leader who is hungry to grow, learn, and become the person God has called them to be. He realizes that living out his own unique call, with balance and intensity, is the ultimate adventure. By the way, we accept both men and women as clients.

Q: If someone is interested in exploring coaching, what do they need to do next?

The best thing is to call us at (541) 312-5852. They can also explore our website.

The first twenty five people to call our offices will receive a free 30-minute coaching consultation.

You may also want to follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Questions: Have you ever considered using a personal coach? What could it make possible for your ministry? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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