4 Big Reasons to Attend My In-Person Productivity Workshop

Become Free to Focus on What Matters in Just 2 Days

Is it just me, or is our modern work culture bleeding us dry? It’s not just our cell phones and computer screens that draw our eyes at all hours. As much as we might want to blame technology, the root of our struggle to have satisfactory days goes much deeper.

Far too often, we think, “If I just work harder, I’ll be successful.” But the hustle economy is bankrupt. In a fast-paced working environment, we suffer from a lack of clarity about what’s important to us—not to mention permission to pursue those priorities on our own terms.

Friends, I want to share a special opportunity with you. On May 9-10, 2017, I’m hosting my two-day Free to Focus Intensive Workshop here in my home city of Nashville, Tennessee, and I’d like for you to be there.

First, I want to tell you how it came about.

Inside the Hustle Economy

I’m passionate about all things productivity, and I always have been. But back when I originally started the journey to become truly productive, it was about surviving, not thriving. As a high achiever, like so many of you, I jumped at new projects and responsibilities.

But as I became the father of five beautiful daughters and scaled the corporate ranks—eventually becoming the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers—I quickly discovered that something was wrong with the way I worked.

I was succeeding—but at great cost.

My wife and kids deserved more of my time, but I was always on the run. And with so many things on my mind, even when I was with them, I was somewhere else. The overwhelm was ruining my ability to be present with the people I cared about the most.

During a particularly busy season, I went to the hospital three separate times thinking I was having a heart attack. I wasn’t. But my symptoms were stress-induced, and my doctor finally leveled a warning: If I didn’t make some serious changes, I would end up in the emergency room for real.

That’s when I realized I needed a bigger vision than just checking off more boxes.

A Better Endgame

Over several decades of research and experimentation, I’ve discovered what productivity is really about. I’ve been able to pave a path to an intentional and purposeful life with priorities I set for myself—not ones that were set for me. And last year I created a productivity master course called Free to Focus, which is designed to help others do the same.

It’s a dream come true, honestly. And the addition of an intensive workshop to this course makes it that much more special.

I used to travel and speak a lot, but I don’t any longer. I’m very selective about my commitments, especially since I’ve arranged my life around my biggest priorities. This workshop is a dedicated place where I can invest, interact, and go deep into high-value content with a select group of participants.

Now I want you to experience the same sort of transformation—and it starts at this unique event.

One Breakthrough After Another

We ran our first Free to Focus Intensive Workshop in February this year, and it was outstanding in so many ways. We delved into the course content and proprietary tools, solved problems, had “ah-ha” moments, made new friends, ate great food, and had a ton of fun. My team and I had a blast, and we got lots of rave reviews from our engaged participants.

We had all sorts of people in attendance, from middle managers to solopreneurs, CEOs, and medical professionals. We had both young and experienced leaders, with men and women evenly represented. But best of all, we had a group 110 percent invested in learning how to become Free to Focus—not just to empower their careers, but to secure their future well-being.

My favorite part was seeing the look in someone’s eyes when he or she “got it.”

It usually came in a moment of silence after a discussion ended or a question was posed. I could see the answer appearing in that person’s mind—and becoming obvious to the whole room. Attendees experienced one breakthrough after another.

The Free-to-Focus Difference

You see, so much of what’s taught about productivity is wrong. We learn time and task management, but we almost never get a chance to answer the bigger questions about why we’re trying to get all these things done in the first place. The truth is, running faster on a hamster wheel still gets you nowhere.

At the Free to Focus Intensive Workshop, I explain how productivity is about achieving three different freedoms:

  • The freedom to focus, where all the important work is done (hence the name of my course).
  • The freedom to be spontaneous, to have room on your calendar for the fun and interesting opportunities that crop up.
  • The freedom to be present, instead of thinking about work or other things when you’re with your family.

What we learn about productivity our whole lives is not about freedom at all. In fact, to most people, productivity means that you (1) work a lot of hours, and (2) work as fast as you can. But the results of this methodology can be devastating.

Hours of our lives are wasted on things that count for much less than we thought. And our ability to maximize time with the people we love—and to make our greatest contributions to the world—gets fractured and broken in the process.

So I want to invite you to join me at the Intensive Workshop for four big reasons:

  1. You deserve better. I want to show you how to live and work in a way that is restorative and satisfying. Learn productivity excellence with a better endgame in mind, brought on by a vision that you design. Don’t settle for what others—your boss, your investors, or the hustle economy—say is important. Define your own priorities, and become much more successful in the process.

  2. You get to fast-track the Free to Focus course. You’re already busy (actually, really busy). What doesn’t get scheduled doesn’t get done—and this workshop is the perfect excuse to make an appointment with yourself to learn this material. Digest elite-level productivity strategies, get personal coaching from me and my team, and connect with others who have the same goal. Take two days and put yourself in a position to have a transformative year. The attendees of the February workshop were making monumental decisions before they even left the premises. I think it’ll be that way for you, too!

  3. You get to hear from me personally—and learn how I employ these methods daily. Learn from me directly in a way that goes far beyond the video lessons from the course. I’ll answer your questions, provide practical examples from my own life, and help you customize the course tools for use in your particular situation. I’ll walk you through tools like The Freedom Compass, The Ideal Week Template, and Your Blueprint for a Highly Productive Day—plus so much more. And my team will be onhand to provide further context and coaching. (By the way, you’ll love my team—they’re amazing!)

  4. You get the accountability and support you need to start making real changes. It’s one thing to work through the course on your own, which has incredible value in and of itself—and another thing altogether to do it in a room full of people dedicated to the same purpose you are. Brainstorming, discussing, and fleshing out the concepts of Free to Focus is electric in this workshop. You’ll make new connections and feel empowered to act on the vision that you create. And I want to be there with you when the transformation happens!

A Limited Offer

The Free to Focus Intensive Workshop is a powerful, unique event. And I want to keep it as personalized as possible—which is why it’s limited to 100 people.

That means if you’re interested, it’s important to decide quickly. Registration is going up by $500 after Friday, March 17, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. If you’re ready to join, you can register here.

I’m dedicated to helping each participant realize their potential and begin to act on it through this event. In fact, I want you to hear from some of our previous participants in this video.

[vimeo id=”206627208″]

As you’ll notice, this is what they were thinking (and feeling) before Free to Focus:

“I was overwhelmed and a classic workaholic.”
“What do I do next? What’s the most important?”
“I was feeling overwhelmed by my own system . . . and looking for answers.”
“I was lost. . . . What do I focus on? . . . How am I going to figure out what I’m doing in life?”

If that’s how you feel, this workshop is right for you. It’s a singular opportunity and an exclusive chance not only to interact with me and my team, but to formulate a strong, sustainable vision for your life and work.

The personal interaction our participants were able to have at the February event stood out as catalyst for their forward progress. That’s why I do this—and that’s why I want you to be there.

If you would like to join me at the Free to Focus Intensive Workshop on May 9-10, 2017, here in Nashville, TN, I encourage you to sign up now before we run out of seats. The workshop is part of our Free to Focus “Ultimate Edition,” which means that you get full, immediate access to all the course lessons and the $2000+ value bonus vault in addition to your VIP workshop ticket.

I couldn’t be more excited to host it again, and I hope that you’ll join me in May!

Click Here to Sign up!

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