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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

It is in our nature to make assumptions. To take whatever we experienced in the past and allow it to shape how we see the future. And this affects how we set our goals for the future.

You’ve probably heard the phrase self-fulling prophecy. It’s when people allow what they believe or expect to influence their reality of what is possible. And it can have both positive and negative consequences. 

For those of us who have experienced failure and disappointment, if we aren’t careful we can allow that doubt to creep in and influence the very core of what we believe. In an effort to shield ourselves from future disappointment we begin to limit ourselves. We begin to think it’s not even possible, so why try? But this self-limiting belief can be traded in for a better, more liberating truth. 

But how? 

In my experience coaching and working with business leaders and entrepreneurs, it starts with your mindset. Is it one driven by limiting beliefs or liberating truths? 

I believe that it comes down to two ways of thinking: scarcity thinkers or abundance thinkers

Scarcity thinkers are driven by limiting beliefs. These beliefs are developed by past setbacks, negative influences such as the media, or negative relationships. They allow this mindset to become the lens through which they set their goals for the future. 

But in order to set life-changing and effective goals for 2021, you must free yourself from any limiting beliefs holding you back. Instead, allow yourself to choose to become someone who recognizes that these doubts can be overcome. You can become an abundance thinker by believing in what is possible, not just in what was. 

I challenge you to do the following to help overcome any limiting beliefs you may have. When you do, you will find you have freed up your mind to create goals that will allow you to follow your dreams.  

    1. Recognize the limiting belief and write it down. Take the time to think about what doubts you have. Reflect and take the time to actually record them.
    2. Review the belief. How is this belief affecting you? Are you allowing it to be the reason you modify or eliminate goals?
    3. Reject and revise the belief. Evaluate where this belief came from, and write down the liberating truth. 
    4. Reorient yourself to the new belief. Use the new beliefs to create goals and visions for your life that are no longer limited by your own false assumptions. 

It is easy to fall into the trap of limiting beliefs. But they can be overcome. You have what it takes to free yourself. Set goals that will change your life. Imagine what is possible. And have your best year ever.


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