A Friendly Walktober Challenge

Two years ago, Full Focus leadership decided to invite the team to complete a friendly “Walktober” walking competition for team and individual prizes. The result? We rediscovered the competitive spirit running deep within our bones… And probably definitely overdid it. But we also loved being outside in the cooling Nashville weather, and we came up with some creative ways to get our steps in.

October is nearly over, but it’s not too late to squeeze in some steps before the days get short and the weather gets cold. A sedentary lifestyle harms our health, and walking is one of the most accessible forms of exercise. If you need a step counter, they’re inexpensive and easy to find. Set yourself a goal that’s a stretch from your normal activity. Then, start walking.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Break Up the Day

It’s no secret that breaks can boost performance. What if you tried tagging a walk onto your bathroom break? What if you aimed for 50-minute meetings and spent the last ten outdoors? What if you finished your lunch with a stroll? It takes a little intention, but not much effort. Sprinkle a few 10-minute walks into your workday, and you’ll have worked in more than a thousand extra steps!

Take a Walking Meeting

Walking meetings don’t work for every meeting—but you might be surprised how many meetings can be helped by a walk. Anecdotally, several of our team members believe walking helped them think more clearly and creatively.

A few tips here. Make sure information is getting recorded. This might mean one person volunteers to stay at their computer to type up important notes or recording the audio of the call for consultation as needed. If you need to be on Zoom, you can still hop on a treadmill. The winner of our competition was known to set up shop at his local community gym while knocking out his priorities.

Multitask (Yes, We Said It)

Generally, multitasking undermines your focus and performance. But walking is one of few activities where you can truly multitask. Trade your hour lounging on the couch with a book for an hour outside listening to it on audiobook. (Your local library likely has access to thousands of titles for free.) Pop in a podcast and lap the block with your morning coffee (in a thermos, of course). Hop on the phone with a friend—or invite them to join you and walk together.

You can pray or meditate while walking. You can debrief the day with your kids or spouse. You can practice gratitude, listen to music, or snap a few photos. You can reflect on your day and unpack any problems that stuck with you. You can make a grocery list or record new ideas. You could dream about your goals or set tomorrow’s Daily Big 3. Because walking does not require conscious thought, there are all kinds of tasks you can complete on the go.

Walk for Transportation

Not all of us live in walkable places. (Nashville, for example, has a noticeable lack of sidewalks.) However, your feet can take you more places than you might think. Can you walk to a neighbor’s house or apartment? What about a nearby store? Can you opt for the back of the parking lot? Could you park a few blocks from the venue or stadium to squeeze in some steps and save yourself some traffic?

Your feet were made for walking. Take them for a spin before the month is through. Notice what it does for your mood, your health, and your focus at work.

You might just find yourself a few steps closer to the Double Win.

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