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You Don’t Have to Choose: Win at Work and Succeed in Life

Have you ever found yourself facing an impossible choice? Either win at work—at the expense of your health and relationships—or succeed at life, sacrificing your career goals. For years, I thought there was no other option. I spent almost all of my time at work. Late nights, weekends, all in an effort to achieve more and get ahead in my career. Time with my family was always cut short. My health was pushed down on the priority list. Friendships were put on the backburner. Until it all finally reached a crisis point. 

My experiences taught me that there is a third option. I call it the Double Win. And it is possible. I know. I now live it. My team at Michael Hyatt & Company lives it. And you can live it too. 

To experience the Double Win, you must see life and work in partnership, not opposition. When you succeed in life, you will be more creative and productive at work. As you achieve your goals at work, you will have more confidence and financial stability to put toward your personal priorities. Success in each area fuels the other. 

Here are 3 steps you can take today to experience the Double Win yourself:

  1. Identify what you want. Take the time to reflect on what success looks like for you in each of life’s domains. Clarity will enable you to be intentional and keep you from getting caught up in the cult of overwork. As you work through this step, it is helpful to create a life plan and set annual goals. These tools provide a filter to help you determine if a task or opportunity contributes to your Double Win or distracts you from it.
  2. Communicate what you want. This step can be particularly challenging. It’s difficult to set new boundaries, but it is also necessary. As you communicate with those around you, stay connected to your why—the desires you just identified as you defined your Double Win. This will give you the courage you need to stay the course when others push back.
  3. Arrange your life to get what you want. To experience the Double Win, we teach our clients to eliminate, automate, or delegate tasks that don’t fit in their Desire Zone—where their passion and proficiency meet. Identifying ways to focus your time on where you add the most value frees you up to experience your Double Win.

I spent too many years trapped in the cult of overwork. Driven to succeed in my career, I neglected the other life domains. But that doesn’t have to be your story. You can make a change today. Experience the Double Win for yourself.

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