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Three Keys

Three simple keys to reach your most ambitious goals & achieve the lifestyle you desire

The Full Focus System is all about working smarter, not harder. This is how you win at work and succeed at life.

Whether you already own your Full Focus Planner or this is your first time hearing about the Full Focus System, welcome! Apply the framework below and you’ll go far, fast.

Annual Goals
Key No. 1

Annual Goals

We all set goals. It’s a human thing to do. They’re how we envision a better tomorrow, or next week, or next year.

But achieving our goals — that’s another thing altogether. For a science-backed process with proven results, you need the goal-achievement formula of the Full Focus System.

Annual Goals Page

How It Works

1. Define 8 Annual Goals, and get specific. You’ll know you’ve accomplished this foundational step if you follow the SMARTER framework.

2. Dig into the details on each Annual Goal. Details like...

  • Your key motivations, in order of importance
  • The first few actions you’ll take to get rolling
  • How you’ll celebrate once you reach your goal

3. Divide your 8 Annual Goals into Quarterly Goals, with three or fewer Annual Goals assigned to Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. Stick to the limit of three or risk major burnout. We call these goals the Quarterly Big 3.

Life without goals

Life Without Goals

You’ve dreamed of owning your own home for a while. You lose time thinking about the perfect paint color for kitchen cabinets, the open floor plan, and the cozy fireplace where you’ll curl up with your favorite book. The problem is … you can’t seem to store up enough (or ANY for that matter) money for the down payment. Your lack of awareness on your spending habits leaves you fumbling for where to begin. When you come into extra money and mentally assign it to your home savings, it’s only a matter of time until you’re slapped in the face with unknown expenses for your car, your health, and other financial burdens. Those dreams of owning your own home? They’re not turning into reality anytime soon.

Life with goals and the best daily planner

Life With Goals

You’ve dreamed of owning your own home for a while. But you aren’t content to simply imagine that home. Instead, you defined a financial goal to save $20,000 for your down payment by the end of this year. You broke that down into quarterly, weekly, and daily goals, and started using an app to track your spending. You predicted potential troublespots and set aside savings for surprise medical or auto expenses so you could feel confident that your home savings account would only go up. With only a few thousand dollars left to go, you know you’ll be celebrating with a glass of bubbly beside your new fireplace by next January.

Weekly Big 3 in the Full Focus Planner
Key No. 2

Weekly Big 3

Let’s imagine you want to climb the Empire State Building. That’s more than 1,500 steps. But like any goal, you can only get there one. step. at. a. time.

Your Weekly Big 3 enables you to identify and reach each next step—by breaking your Quarterly Big 3 into weekly objectives and then daily actions.

Weekly Preview in the Full Focus Planner

How It Works

1. Identify your biggest personal and professional wins from last week. Your wins might look like…

  • Nailed a presentation to the executive board
  • Finished drafting the first chapter of my book
  • Attended date night with my spouse
  • Completed mortgage paperwork
  • Unplugged and refueled with No-Screen Saturday

2. Assess last week’s performance. Use these questions as a guide:

  • How far did you get on last week’s Weekly Big 3?
  • What worked? What didn’t?
  • What will you keep, improve, start, or stop doing?

3. Reassign unfinished tasks from last week. Did you make as much progress as you intended last week? What can you hand off or reschedule?

4. Jot down big deadlines, events, and rejuvenation activities for the coming week. Address scheduling issues and set aside non-working hours—rest is the secret weapon of high achievers.

5. Set your Weekly Big 3—those high-leverage objectives that help you advance on your goals and projections. These will be informed by your Quarterly Big 3 and the big deadlines and events from the previous step.

Life without weekly big 3

Life Without Weekly Big 3

Your Monday morning alarm is blaring. Before you even step out of bed, a foggy headache hits. You’re not sure what’s waiting for you in the office, but you’re already dreading it. As you walk into the building, your boss waves and remarks “Excited to hear your thoughts at noon!” Panic hits the pit of your stomach. You completely forgot about today’s presentation. You’ll have to push today’s tasks to another day and haphazardly throw together a slide deck. Worse, you’ll no longer be able to spend your lunch break at your daughter’s elementary school Career Day. You wonder what other disappointments are ahead for your week.

Life with weekly big 3 and Full Focus Planner

Life With Weekly Big 3

Your Monday morning alarm signals the start of a new and exciting day. You wake up with a buzzy anticipation for your lunch break, when you’ll visit your daughter’s elementary school Career Day. While completing your Weekly Preview yesterday, you caught a scheduling issue that could have wreaked havoc on your day. Thankfully, you managed to swap presentation times with a coworker, so your big meeting will take place before lunch. Since you prioritized the building of your slide deck in last week’s Weekly Big 3, everything is ready to go, and you’ve already blocked an hour of your morning to review your notes and make last-minute tweaks. You’re going to nail this presentation, and then celebrate over lunch with your daughter. The week is off to a great start.

Daily Big 3 in the Full Focus Planner
Key No. 3

Daily Big 3

If you don’t set your daily priorities, someone else will. The Daily Big 3 eliminates overwhelm and helps you take control of your to-do list.

Remember when you started with your Annual Goals? You divided those into your Quarterly Big 3, which you then broke into your Weekly Big 3. Now, you’ll distill those down even further into your Daily Big 3.

In just a few strategic steps, you’ve transformed a big enchilada goal into bite-sized daily achievements. This is where the action happens.

As you start a habit of knocking out your Daily Big 3, you’ll feel like every day is a win.

Daily view in the Full Focus Planner

How It Works

Set your Daily Big 3. What is most important today? Is anything urgent? What moves help you tick off your Weekly Big 3? Complete these items today.

Keep everything in the same place. Identify anything that needs to get done, update your schedule appropriately, and take notes on the go.

Create a rhythm. Nothing gets lost in the shuffle. By going through the same process every day, you create a steady rhythm for accomplishing your goals and making time for what matters.

Life without daily big 3

Life Without Daily Big 3

It’s Thursday at 2 P.M. and your day has been a blur. Between meetings, email, and Slack messages, you haven’t checked a single box on your neverending to-do list. It feels like others’ priorities take precedence over your own. Glancing at your tasks, you try to identify what’s most important, but instead, you just feel overwhelmed. Will you ever catch up?

Life with daily big 3 and Full Focus Planner

Life With Daily Big 3

It’s Thursday at 2 P.M. and you’ve already accomplished two thirds of your Daily Big 3. By identifying what was most important first thing this morning, you achieved the clarity and confidence necessary to turn down unnecessary requests. You’re in control of your day, and you’re on track to finish up your Daily Big 3 with time to spare. You know what’s coming when you close your laptop—that sweet, sweet taste of victory.

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