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Get Started with Your Full Focus Planner

Congratulations on purchasing a Full Focus Planner! You’ve joined a community of over 200,000 achievers who consistently reach their most ambitious goals. Follow the steps below to start crushing your goals today.

Step No. 1

Learn the Ropes of the Full Focus System

The Full Focus System takes the guesswork out of achievement.
This three-step formula is the foundation for your planner.

Achieve annual goals in your Full Focus Planner

It starts with defining your annual goals and dividing them across four quarters.

Complete weekly tasks in your Full Focus Planner

Next, you break your quarterly goals into weekly achievements.

Complete daily tasks in your Full Focus Planner

Finally, you transform those weekly achievements into bite-sized daily actions. Voila, you’ve just set yourself up for daily progress.

Don’t worry—we’re not pushing you out of the nest yet. We go into much greater detail on the Full Focus System on this page and in the video below.

Step No. 2

Turn to the Daily Pages in Your Full Focus Planner

The hands-on work starts now. Open your planner and skip ahead until you find the first Daily Page with today’s day of the week.

Here, you’ll find several helpful sections including:

Full Focus Planner daily planning pages

Still tracking? Go ahead and fill in your Daily Big 3 now. If you’re an overachiever, add “Define Annual Goals” as one of your Daily Big 3 today or tomorrow. We’ll share more about that process at the bottom of this page.

Step No. 3

Preview the Weekly Preview

Flip to the end of your first week to find the pages labeled Weekly Preview. Your Weekly Preview is one of the most powerful parts of the Full Focus System.

Unless you’re currently at the beginning of your week, you won’t fill this out until a few days from now. Here’s how it works once you’re ready:

Full Focus Planner weekly preview pages Full Focus Planner weekly preview pages continued

Whew. That was a lot of information. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, go grab a glass of water or pour yourself a cup of coffee. Then come back for our final and favorite section: goal setting!

Step No. 4

Get Good at Goal-Setting

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have big goals, which is why we’re so excited to share our proven goal-setting framework that guarantees success.

Break down your goal details

Turn to the Goal Detail pages at the front of your planner. These pages help you create goals that are meaningful—which means you’re more likely to achieve them.

If you don’t have time to dream up and define your goals today, go ahead and block an hour in the next few days to do this. When the day comes, make this a Daily Big 3 item to make sure it gets done.

Once you're ready, follow these steps:

Determine your goals

Step 1
Decide What You Want

Create a powerful and achievable goal with the SMARTER framework:


Determine your why

Step 2
Decide Why You Want It

The Why is what keeps you coming back to your goals and inspires you to move forward. List and rank your reasons. Keep asking Why? until you get an answer that resonates deeply with you.

Determine how you'll move forward with your goals

Step 3
Decide How You'll Start Moving Forward

List the first few actions you need to take. Keep these small, like sending an email, signing up for a new fitness program, or sharing your goal with an accountability partner. Laying out a clear path will help you start strong.

Examples of SMARTER Goals:

Pay off remainder of car loan in the amount of $8,000 by August 25.

Go on a 30-minute walk with my spouse Monday–Friday for the next 90 days beginning April 1.

Honor Achievements

Celebrate achieving your goals

Don’t forget to celebrate once you achieve your goal! Achievers struggle to stop and recognize wins, so commit to a Reward before you get to the finish line. If you’re pursuing a Habit Goal, use the optional StreakTracker at the bottom of the page.

Prevent Burnout

Limit the number goals you set

Limit yourself to no more than 12 Annual Goals and assign two to three goals per quarter so they’re sprinkled throughout the year. This will narrow your focus and increase the likelihood of achievement.

Revisit Regularly

Write down your annual goals

After detailing your goals, copy each one over to the Annual Goals page. This is where you’ll regularly review your goals when planning your Quarterly Big 3 and Weekly Big 3.

That’s All for Now!

You’ve mastered the Getting Started portion of Full Focus Learning.

When you’re ready to start adding other parts of your planner, we recommend the following:

Watch and Learn on Demand

Did you know we have an entire library of tutorial videos on using your Full Focus Planner? Our 12-part series walks you through every game-changing element. Watch the whole library now or skip ahead to your top priorities. You’re in the driver’s seat.

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Full Focus Planner subscription

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