7 Evernote Resources You May Not Know About

When it comes to Evernote, I am a hopeless fanboy. It has become an indispensable part of my productivity tool box. I use it as much as I use email or my calendar.

Evernote User Forum

While it is easy enough to get started with Evernote, it is a program that is incredibly deep and rich. Just when I think I have mastered it, I discover a new tip or trick. In addition, the company regularly issues new updates with additional features.

For example, last week I discovered that I can share a note with others by creating a “shared note URL.” Just right-click on any note and select Share | Copy shared note URL to clipboard. To demonstrate, here’s a template I use with event planners who book me to speak. You can share this via an email or (as I am doing now) in a blog post.

Because I have written a number of posts on Evernote, people assume I know more than I do. The truth is that I know where to find what I need to know. Rather than keeping these resources to myself, I thought I would share them with you.

Here are seven Evernote resources you may not know about:

  1. The Evernote Essentials e-Book. The author, Brett Kelly, does a great job covering the basics. This is where I tell everyone to start.
  2. The Evernote User Forum. The Evernote user community is large and growing. They are also actively engaged in helping one another solve problems.
  3. The Evernote Blog. This is the best place to hear about new updates and features. There’s nothing like getting it straight from the horse’s mouth.
  4. The Evernote App Center. This is a built in resource catalog of third-party hardware, software, gear, and even notebooks (e.g., recipes, restaurants, photography tips, etc.)
  5. Ron’s Evernote Tips. This is actually a series of three Evernote notebooks created by Ron Toledo, the marketing Manager at Evernote. You might also want to subscribe to his Tumblr blog.
  6. Evernote Blogcast. This is a podcast contains news, tips, and tricks for Evernote users at every level—beginner to advanced. This is great resource to listen to during your morning commute or run.
  7. My previous Evernote posts. I have written several posts about Evernote, mostly from the perspective of how I am using it to manage my personal life and career. You can find the complete list below.

This should get you started. If you have come across other Evernote resources, I would like to hear about them.

Questions: What else should I cover in my blog posts about Evernote? What are you still curious about? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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