Equip Your Team with the Full Focus System

Give your team the clarity they need to achieve goals without anxiety or overwhelm.

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What is Overwhelm Costing Your Team?

  • Missed goals and deadlines?
  • Communication failure?
  • Imprecise project tracking?
  • Low morale, burnout, or turnover?

You don’t have to micromanage your team to accomplish goals. Inspire and equip your team with a proven system for achieving more in less time.

  • Seamless Communication
  • Improved Productivity
  • Team alignment and buy-in

Allow our team of Full Focus Coaches to train your team on maximizing the Full Focus System for increased productivity and goal achievement. We offer different training options based on your team size, budget, and preferences. Schedule a call below to learn more.

Here’s How it Works:


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Schedule a call to discuss what a Full Focus Training could look like for your team.


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With a Virtual or In-Person training option, we meet your team in the way that’s most convenient for them.

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Experience Transformation

Once our Full Focus Coaches train your team on the Full Focus System, your organization’s productivity and goal-achievement will skyrocket.

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Fawn Weaver Headshot

“I consider my team like a second family. But the truth is, they were often so scattered and overwhelmed at work that their first families were paying the price. The Full Focus System gave us all a clear gameplan for how we can crush our sales goals but still have balance and joy at home. After our training, several team members expressed deep emotional gratitude for the vision I was casting for the company. Our “work family” is stronger than ever!”

—Fawn Weaver, Founder & CEO, Uncle Nearest

Mike Hensley

“The Full Focus Training was the most impactful one day event I’ve ever experienced throughout my journey as a leader. I believe a leader at any level can benefit from this training. I walked away from the day prepared to take action towards enhancing my effectiveness as a leader, as did my team.”

—Mike Hensley, Team Director of the Southwest Region for Chick-fil-A

Why Your Team Will Love Full Focus Team Trainings

Increased Efficiency and Productivity in Stressful Times

Your team can have the tools to win today’s remote working environment. Let us help your team make the most of their work conditions.

Aligned Language for Achievement

When your team is equipped with the Full Focus System, they’ll be aligned on the same language for achievement. Words like Daily Big 3 and Rituals will be water cooler talk, and your organization’s productivity will benefit.

Dedicated Time for Development

With a Full Focus Team Training, your team will know you care about their growth. Just set aside an afternoon or day for the training, and your team will enjoy the investment.

Chris Hodges Headshot

“Using the Full Focus Planner has had a huge impact on my quiet time and has at least doubled my productivity since I started using the planner daily. I believed it in so much I purchased a copy for my whole staff.”

—Chris Hodges, Lead Pastor, Church of the Highlands

Ben Dobbs

“The Full Focus Planner has changed the way that we plan and schedule our professional and personal lives. The tips and tools that it offers can be applied anywhere. Blake was a great instructor and his explanations on each section were easy to understand. The Full Focus Planner is a new way to look at how you are scheduling and using your time, which can be daunting for some. But Blake made using the Full Focus Planner seem effortless and efficient. I would recommend this training to any team that may feel they are being pulled in many directions!”

—Ben Dobbs, General Manager, PGA West of America

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