What Makes the Full Focus Pocket Different?

See all the differences between the Full Focus Pocket and the Classic, Bold, and Executive planners.


First off, the size is the biggest difference. The Classic, Bold, and Executive planner measures at 6 ¼" x 9 ¼" dimensions, while the Pocket measures 4 ½" x 7". The Classic, Bold, and Executive planners have 304 pages, while the Pocket has 191 pages. The Pocket is smaller, leaner, and more portable.

1 - Start Here

The beginning of the Pocket features a simplified step-by-step setup of the planner. If you’re in a time crunch, you can quickly start using your planner without extra help.

2 - Annual Goals

The Pocket has enough space for you to write 12 goals while the Classic fits 10 goals.

3 - Goal Detail

The Pocket follows the same goal-setting framework as the Classic planner, with 12 pages instead of 10. The only thing missing is the StreakTracker at the bottom. Where could it be?

4 - StreakTracker (NEW)

The Pocket features a separate StreakTracker so you can track your progress for multiple activities and habit goals.

5 - Monthly Calendar

The Monthly Calendar is the same with the exception of a condensed weekend. With just six columns, you’ll have plenty of space to write in your commitments.

6 - Quarterly Planning (NEW)

The Classic, Bold, and Executive planners have Rolling Quarters. The Pocket has Quarterly Planning. With this feature, you don’t have to know all the details for future events to start planning for it. Simply drop it in your Quarterly Planning section so you keep track of it.

7 - Daily Rituals

The Daily Ritual pages are the same. Why change a good thing?

8 - Ideal Week

The Ideal Week is the same across all planners as well.

9 - Key Projects (NEW)

You asked. We listened. The Pocket planner now features a Weekly Big 3 and project planning section at the beginning of the planner, right before the first week. The Classic, Bold, and Executive planners don’t have this feature.

10 - Daily Pages

The Daily Pages exhibit the most differences between planners. Here’s what different:

  • No countdown showing how many weeks are left in the quarter.
  • No Notes page. This allows for a day to fit on each page of the planner. We allowed for extra room at the bottom of the page for you to jot down notes.
  • Simplified appointment planner. Instead of having a long schedule of the day, you can simply write your appointments at the top of the page.
  • No ritual checkboxes at the top.

11 - Weekly Preview

The Weekly Preview in the Pocket follows the same framework as the Classic, Bold, and Executive planners, but is more simplified.

  • After Action Review is combined to include wins, progress, and improvements.
  • The List Sweep includes checking your notebook and journal for items.
  • A Weekly Overview is not separated into Personal and Professional.
  • The Pocket does not include a Week-at-a-Glance view or a Self-Care Planner.

12 - Quarterly Preview

The Quarterly Preview in the Pocket is much like the Weekly Preview where it’s more simplified and doesn’t include a robust review using the Keep, Improve, Start, and Stop method.

13 - Notes

Since Notes are not included in the Daily Pages, The Notes section in the back of the Pocket has 40 pages, which is 4x more than the Classic, Executive, and Bold. The Classic, Executive, and Bold have 10 Notes Pages and 6 Sketch pages, while the Pocket has 40 Notes pages and no Sketch pages.

14 - Index

Last but not least, the Index section is exactly the same across all planners.

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