Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller Present

The Double Win Mastermind

You don’t have to choose between winning at work and succeeding at life. At Full Focus, we champion the idea of doing both, and we call that the Double Win. It’s possible for anyone who’s willing to hold themselves to a higher standard in all they value.

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With Great Aspirations Come Great Challenges

One of the biggest challenges we hear from our community is that business owners feel isolated. Especially when they aspire to a kind of success that’s bigger than simply a monetary success.

Leaders need to have a trusted place – a well-vetted community of peers. This is a place where they can forge connections with others who are facing similar problems (and opportunities). We have real-world experience curating and building such communities.

For that reason, I (Michael) have decided to do something I haven’t done since 2018.

I’m leading a new Mastermind.

You might justifiably ask: “There are lots of ‘masterminds’ - what’s ‘new’ or different about this Mastermind?” That’s a great question.

This Is a Mastermind
Focused on the Double Win

This mastermind group is personally led by me (Michael) and our CEO, Megan. Behind the scenes, we’ve been inviting 7-8 figure business owners to join this elite group. We saw a need to provide a trusted space for successful business owners to come together and feel connected and supported.

Win at Work and Succeed at Life

We don’t want our members to feel like they have to choose between winning at work and succeeding at life. We want you to confidently know you can have both. And to know you don’t have to go at it alone. In fact, we’ll be bold enough to say you should not do this alone. And that’s what the Double Win Mastermind is all about.

Who This Mastermind Is For

This group is for a very specific kind of person. It is not for everyone. It has been optimized for:

  • Business Owners with a company that is creating $3-$10M in annual revenue.
  • Minimum of five full-time employees or equivalents.
  • Values-driven leaders who demonstrate those values in their actions, and via the culture of their company.

If you see yourself and your company in that description, you should book a call (or get on the VIP Waitlist) now.

Meet Your Double Win Mastermind Leaders

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is the Founder and Chairman of Full Focus, a goal achievement company that makes it possible for people to achieve the Double Win—where they win at work and succeed in life. Michael has scaled multiple companies over the course of his career, including a $250 million publishing company with 750 employees. Michael is also the author of several New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling books, including his most recent, Your Best Year Ever 2nd Edition. Michael is also the creator of the Full Focus Planner, which has sold more than 1.2 million copies. Forbes named it “Best Daily Planner”, and Good Housekeeping named it the best planner for goal achievement. Michael has been married to his wife, Gail, for more than forty-five years. Together, they have five daughters and ten grandchildren.

Megan Hyatt miller

Megan Hyatt Miller is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Full Focus. As the chief executive of Full Focus, Megan has grown the Full Focus Planner to sell over 1 million copies. Megan is also Michael’s oldest daughter, co-author of two books: Mind Your Mindset and Win At Work & Succeed At Life. Megan is also the architect of Full Focus’s award-winning culture, which was named one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2020 and 2021. When she’s not taking the company to new heights, she’s fully present at home with her husband Joel and five kids in Franklin, Tennessee.

What You Get in the Double Win Mastermind

Benefit 1


They co-authored the book on how to Mind Your Mindset and developed the Double Win philosophy. Who better to lead you in a new season of “winning at work and succeeding at life”?

Benefit 2


The group size is limited to 20 people, so you can make the personal connection and get the personal support you need from Michael, Megan, and the other members.

Benefit 3


You get 3 in-person mastermind sessions with your fellow members. The meetups are held in Nashville, Tennessee. This is unlike any mastermind you’ve ever been part of. We have focused working sessions and we’ve built in time for great meals, entertainment, and surprises. Because rest and rejuvenation are foundational to the Double Win.

Benefit 4


Each and every month we meet virtually, to keep you focused, strengthen connections, and make any tactical adjustments you need to achieve your strategic objectives. We do not have a virtual meeting in months where we have an in-person meeting.

Benefit 5


You get to choose which of our Group Leaders with whom you wish to have your two private coaching sessions each year. This is the perfect place to ask those questions or tackle those issues you don’t necessarily want to bring to the group.

Benefit 6


Think of this as your FullFocus Library of wisdom. You have full access to our complete library of Double Win-focused training resources for you and your team.

Benefit 7


Got a challenge or opportunity you feel you must have outside eyes to give you that unique perspective? We get it. This kind of ad hoc access when you need it most can make all the difference. Access granted!

Benefit 8


This text group is a lively, thriving hub of ideas, helps, and inspiration. If you ever thought it would be “neat” to have Michael, Megan, and an elite group of peers you could just TEXT with when you have a problem (or idea) … then you’re going to love this.

We still have 2 spots open for this Mastermind. These may be filled by the time you read this. If that is the case but you’re curious and would like more details, fill in the form below. We’ll start a conversation, just to make sure this is the kind of support you’re looking for. If it is, we will put you on the VIP waiting list for the first available spot that opens up.
Win at Work and Succeed at Life

We require a minimum of $1 million
We require a minimum of five
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