The Daily Big 3 Challenge

A social media challenge to help you stop the overwhelm of your to-do list and prioritize your highest-leverage items every day

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Feel overwhelmed by your to-do list? Frustrated that your biggest priorities are getting lost in the daily whirlwind of responsibilities? Want to finally make progress on your large projects and feel successful every day?

Join our Daily Big 3 Challenge to cement the habit proven to help you prioritize your biggest tasks without feeling overwhelmed. The challenge will go from June 11th - June 29th.

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What is a Daily Big 3?


Most individuals work off a giant to-do list every day. But at the end of their days, they feel like they haven’t accomplished anything important.

Setting a daily big 3 helps you narrow down your to-do list to your 3 most essential tasks of the day. You can still have a to-do list of other tasks, but this lives separate from your big 3, helping you achieve your highest priorities every day.

With the Daily Big 3 Challenge, you have the opportunity to set a daily big 3 every day. The more times you set a daily big 3 and share it on social media, the more chances you have at winning prizes.

How Can I Participate?


Join the challenge by opting in below.


Set a daily big 3 every weekday.


Share your daily big 3 on Facebook or Instagram.


The more you share, the more chances you have at winning prizes each week. The prizes will be announced at the beginning of each week during the challenge.

Build the Habit to Accomplish Your Biggest Priorities Every Day

Yes! I want to join the Daily Big 3 Challenge!

Challenge starts June 11th. Full Focus Planner™ purchase not required.